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TopView ScadaConnect

ScadaConnect (written by Benchmark Software) is now included free with every purchase of TopView.  Contact Exele Information Systems for information on purchasing TopView with ScadaConnect.

Benchmark also offers TopView conversions from Win-911 or SCADAlarm

  • Customer uploads their existing Win-911 or SCADAlarm config files

  • Customer lists modification requests for TopView features

  • Benchmark installs and configures TopView software on customer computer if internet access is available (please call about on-site installation pricing)

  • Benchmark adds custom status/alarm monitoring tags and custom displays to the customer's HMI

  • Contact Exele Information Systems for Pricing

Win-911 Application Import and conversion to TopView

This import automatically takes all tags, settings, disabled states, contacts, groups, notification and creates a TopView configuration that is ready for runtime with no modifications.

TopView Configurations and Alarm Tag HMI Sync for Common HMIs

  • Aveva/Wonderware

    • InTouch

    • System Platform

    • InTouch Edge / Indusoft

  • Rockwell

    • FactoryTalk View SE

      • A&E tag-based, HMI tag alarms, and Controller-based alarms

        • FT Linx Gateway (previously FT Gateway) required from Rockwell for communication between TopView and FT alarms

        • PlantPAx compatible

      • Legacy HMI Tag Alarms

    • Logix/SLC/Micro PLC via RSLinx or OPC

    • RSView32

  • GE

    • iFix

  • Aveva/Schneider Electric

    • Citect

    • ClearScada / Geo SCADA

  • Siemens

    • WinCC v7

Call us at 855-722-3200 or email for information on any of these packages.  More details will be added to the website soon!


Win-911 and the Win-911 Logo are registered trademarks of WIN-911 Software, Inc.

SCADAlarm, Wonderware, Citect, and the Wonderware Logo are registered trademarks of Schneider Electric, Inc.

Rockwell and the Rockwell Logo are registered trademarks of Rockwell Automation, Inc.

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